Building your strategy or product roadmap requires input and agreement from your executive team.  You have probably participated in workshops that have failed: no decisions were made, and there was no commitment from your team.  

At Illume Consulting, we know how to get results.  Our workshops are tailored for your company.  We build strategies and plans during the workshop, and we get active participation and commitment from your team.  We work with you in advance to bring key inputs to the session, so we can maximize productivity during the workshop. 

You will leave our workshops with clarity, energy, and focus, with a specific action plan to achieve your objectives.  That is why our customers highly recommend our workshops: we know how to get results.

What We Facilitate:

  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Technology Planning Workshops
  • Product Roadmap Workshops
  • Business Model Workshops
  • Custom Workshops and Meetings

What You Get:

  • Expert Advice from Experienced Leaders
  • Custom Workshops to Meet Your Goals
  • Engaging and Informative Workshops
  • Actionable Deliverables
  • Techniques You Can Use in Your Meetings

We facilitate workshops and retreats at your location, or in beautiful British Columbia in locations such as Whistler and the Gulf Islands.

What To Expect

A successful workshop requires a tailored agenda to meet your objectives.  Each of our workshops includes:

  • Pre-Workshop Planning:  We build a custom agenda, and we ensure that it meets your objectives.  We work with you to identify key inputs to the workshop, and to develop a plan for bringing these to the session.  If the workshop will be offsite, we find a location (often in the Gulf Islands or Whistler), and we plan activities at key points in the agenda.
  • Workshop Facilitation:  Our facilitators bring years of experience in technology, strategy, and facilitation.  We also provide expert advice and feedback during the session.  We build your strategies and roadmaps during the workshop with your team, and we develop action items and timelines for implementation.  We get commitment from your team on the action items, so that there is clear accountability after the workshop.
  • Documentation:  We also provide documentation of the workshop, including action items and timelines.

Our recent workshops include:

Product Roadmap Retreat

We facilitated a 4-day Product Roadmap retreat in the Gulf Islands for a high tech company, resulting in:

  • 1-year product roadmap
  • 3-month prioritized feature list
  • action plans for implementation

Michele is a world-class product facilitator and successfully delivered the best product retreat our company has ever had”  – CEO, Tech Startup

Business Model Workshops

For a tech accelerator, we facilitated Business Model workshops for tech startup CEOs and tech executives, resulting in:

  • new business models
  • plans for testing these models
  • action plans for market testing

This was a great way to dive into our business and revenue models, and we received expert advice that helped us build our businesses”  – Entrepreneur

Ed Tech & IT Planning Workshop

For a university, we facilitated a 2-day workshop for development of their 5-Year Ed Tech and IT Plan, resulting in:

  • prioritization of Ed Tech/IT projects
  • consensus on content & budget
  • next steps to write the 5-year plan

This was an incredibly productive meeting that enabled us to move forward with development of the multi-year plan for the university” – Director, Higher Education