While you are building your strategy, you may find the need to implement a technology solution to address your strategic goals.  But you may be concerned that many studies have shown that 70% of IT projects fail.

At Illume Consulting, we know how to deliver complex technology projects, including enterprise systems, cloud / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and interactive games.  Our project management approach is different because we don’t spend all day in typical project management tools, re-allocating tasks and dependencies.  Instead, we know that people are the key to great projects, and we know how to lead teams at all levels, and how to select the best tools and processes for your team.

We know how to get results, even in the most complex projects.  We are experts in delivering projects that have never been done before, and we help you make sure your projects are successful.

What We Do:

  • Deliver technology projects that are the first of their kind
  • Build innovative software products and games
  • Build and mentor product teams
  • Incite innovation and productivity

What You Get:

  • Delivery of innovative technology projects
  • Expert advice and mentoring
  • New processes/technologies
  • A culture of innovation

Our expert project managers help you deliver technology projects that are the first of their kind, from enterprise systems to cloud / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to interactive games.

What To Expect

Successful technology projects require experienced project leaders who know how to get results.  Our project leaders know how to deliver complex technology projects in a variety of roles:

  • Project Manager or Program Manager:  Complex technology projects require a leader who understands technology and knows how to lead teams.  Our project managers have led technology projects up to $25M for enterprise systems, cloud / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and interactive games.  We work with your team to build an aggressive and achievable plan, and we work hands-on with the project team throughout all phases of the project to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Advisor:  We provide expert advisory services to help senior leaders ensure that your most complex technology projects are delivered successfully.  We work with your project leaders to review the plans and action items, and provide expert advice on how to get things done.  We work closely with you to identify the critical requirements and business goals, and then we make sure that your projects are successfully delivered.
  • Facilitator:  Our senior leaders work with your team to facilitate workshops to build your project plan, product roadmap, or system design.  We work with you to prepare a custom agenda that meets your goals.  During the workshop, we ensure your team members use their expertise to help build the project plan or roadmap.  This creates accountability and ownership with your team, so they leave the workshop ready to deliver the project successfully.

Our recent projects include:

Program Manager for Enterprise System

We delivered a video platform for teaching and learning, which was implemented at 6 universities in BC. In this role we:

  • led Steering Committee meetings
  • led design, development, and rollout
  • implemented at 6 universities

The project was on-time and achieved goals we did not think were possible.” – Director, Higher Education

Advisor for Interactive Game

As advisor for a non-profit, we helped develop an interactive online game used in classrooms throughout Canada.  In this role we:

  • developed plans for an online game
  • co-managed development of the game
  • enabled rollout throughout Canada

Illume Consulting enabled us to deliver innovative products in record time.” – Director, Non-Profit

Program Manager for Cloud / SaaS

For a technology startup, we led the product team to build SaaS products for government clients, and we helped the team:

  • develop product roadmap
  • release a series of new products
  • reduce timelines for projects

Michele has enabled us to expand our product offering while setting high standards for implementation.” – CEO. Tech Startup